Welcome to our Patient Portal

Jaimes Medical Group-JMG is a practice that provides medical services to families.

Dr. Harold Jaimes founded Jaimes Medical Group in 1995 with the purpose to satisfy patient necessities.

We feel very proud to offer our patients a service of a personal doctor with worldwide medical experiences, which allows for a multicultural and bilingual service.

We are committed to health and our patients who trust us to treat their needs.

We strongly believe that to cure, one must listen with attention while also educating the patient with regards to their treatment in order to have positive results.

According to our philosophy “To prevent is to cure.” We uphold this philosophy by making sure that our patients regularly receive preventative physical exams.

Our family practice model has given rise to “Vein Health Centers” which has allowed Dr. Jaimes and the staff to combine practices and better treat our patients.

In the patient portal you will be able to interact with our health services online and in real time.

This will provide great benefits to you and your family. Welcome.