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free Health clinic at your business

Improve the health of your employees

We are a well-established vein clinic and primary care facility, with three locations throughout Chicagoland.  We have initiated a new program where we offer on-site visits to businesses, providing complimentary assessments to the workforce to identify any potential vein issues. Prolonged standing can have significant ramifications, leading to a range of vein diseases. This is a FREE service, with no strings attached.



Employee Morale

Improve the employee morale of your entire staff by providing the highest level of concern for their well being.

Employee Health

Improve your employee’s health with our clinic and care. Not only do we offer vein treatments but primary care as well.

Employee Productivity

Improve the efficency and quality of work from your employees. The healthier they feel the more productive they will be. 

Employee Retention

Retain employees longer by integrating Jaimes Medical Group into your business. Healthy employees stay longer than unhealthy ones.

Reduce Sick Time

If employees are healthy, they will use less sick time. This will allow them to use PTO on something more memorable than painful ailments.

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