What is it?

Is a popular technology for imaging and mapping varicose veins prior to treatment. VEINLITE allows superficial veins to be visualized with unprecedented clarity.

How it works?

VEINLITE 150 watt halogen light and side-transillumination method allow for uniform transillumination of the skin anywhere on the body.

VEINLITE assessment eliminates guesswork by securing the vein in place and stretching the skin to allow a needle to be inserted with greater precision.

Disorders Diagnosed

VEINLITE assessment is used to assess spider veins, telangiectasia, and reticular veins. The latter are small veins that lie 3 to 5mm beyond the surface of the skin.

Although they are not visible to the naked eye, reticular veins often feed small superficial veins.


By using a VEINLITE assessment to find and inject reticular veins, our Doctors can reduce the total number of sclerotherapy injections required during treatment.